Go Meet People

By Matt Terry ♦ When the time came for me write this blog, I struggled with what I should choose for my topic. Should I talk about my day-to-day activities? Should I talk about… Continue reading

You’re Cool… Getting a Little Warmer… Warmer… You’re Hot, You’re on Fire!

By Asher Bitz ♠  It can often be a struggle for college graduates or seniors to figure out what exactly they want to do. It seems like you have a hundred different people… Continue reading

“Have you ever watched Seinfeld?”

By Maggie Moran ♦ The before process of going into an internship interview is roughly the same as one you would go through for a “real” job: know your audience, research the company,… Continue reading

My office is better than yours—no really, it is!

By Samantha Dreverman ♣ It’s no secret that EMA is an upbeat company with a whole lot of brand knowledge.  Well now this smart agency has a brand new office to match its personality—and… Continue reading

Does this Blog have a Picture of a Kitten in it? Find Out Now!

By Madeline Hubert ♠ I am an educational orphan. I’ve been passed around from university to community college since August of 2012, trying to find a scholarly home where I can prepare myself for… Continue reading

Find Your Spark

By Austin Galovski ♦ For years, I spent my summers covered in a mixture of sweat, sunscreen and lake water—leading kids on valiant charges into enemy territory in camp-wide capture-the-flag games and staying up… Continue reading

True Life: I’m a PR Intern

By Simone Arrington ♥ It’s 7:42am. My alarm goes off indicating that it’s time for me to get up, get ready, and get going. By 8:40am, I am in my car making a… Continue reading


By Jackie McLemore ♦ Have you ever worked in a place where everybody knows your name?  No, the popular show “Cheers” was not revived just for me.  However, my experience at Eric Mower + Associates… Continue reading

A New Chapter  

By Kendall Jackson It all happened so quickly. Within a month, I went from being a stressed and anxious college senior, scrambling to finish finals, to becoming a recent graduate, living 650 miles… Continue reading

Uncharted Territory

By Shaylyn Livingston ♦ Diversity is imperative to living a fruitful life.  That’s a sentence I’ve lived my life by having spent semesters in both Ireland and Italy.  Studying abroad has a reputation… Continue reading

Buffalo??? Buffalo!

By Casidhe Holland ♦ “The city is not for me. No, sir. And Buffalo? Ha, not a chance! I will never live there, or like it there, or go there of my own… Continue reading

Google: A Search for Love

By Caroline Gallalee ♦ Google has always been a part of my life. We’ve spent many years together, and I suspect we’ll have many more. When I’m with Google everything seems to make… Continue reading

Deciphering Patterns through Data

By Kate Sheehan ♦ Despite my passion for words, I have always had a fundamental love of numbers. From childhood I adored reading novels of the fantastical and the unknown, but the joy of… Continue reading

Unknown Territory

By Nora Gleason ♠ When I traveled to China, I knew what clothes I needed in my suitcase, which compartment in my carry-on holds my passport and boarding pass, and of course, the airport… Continue reading

Tell Lemony Snicket to Take a Hike with His Series of Unfortunate Events

By Samantha Harrington ♦ The night before my first summer internship was a lot like the night before I competed in the Olympics. Okay, I’m not an Olympian, but I’m assuming the emotions… Continue reading

Expect the Unexpected

By Summer Schneider ♦ “Your first assignment is to help decorate this plastic duck to fight racism.” Not exactly your average first day at work… I took the duck, sat it down in my… Continue reading


By Emily Tanner  ♦  Before starting my internship at Eric Mower + Associates I was super nervous. Being an English major, I was afraid that I was going to be entering an environment… Continue reading

The World is Your Classroom

By Christina Allison ♠ Learning never stops. It is a continuous cycle that occurs no matter where somebody is. Although this appears to be a simple concept, it’s one that I had difficulty grasping.… Continue reading

19 Things That Happened Before My Summer Internship

By Matt Adams ♣ I’ve never applied for an internship before and many of my friends haven’t either, so I didn’t know what to expect. An internship is something coveted by many, envied… Continue reading

3 Golden Rules for Being an Awesome Intern

By Nicole Deming ♥ There is no one definitive tip for internships, no holy grail for being the best intern or optimizing your resume. No one tells you on the first day of… Continue reading