Never Too Late to Learn

By Mia Wiskow ♦ So after I graduate…I’m done learning forever, right? Not quite. Although the homework assignments will finally come to an end, even working professionals continue to learn and improve. In fact,… Continue reading

Finding the Ultimate Internship

By Serah Shahar ∇ I had very high expectations when I began my search for an internship last year. I’d heard horror stories from my friends about their experiences at companies where all… Continue reading

How to Work in PR if You Know Nothing About PR

By Henry Druschel ♣ I think college suggests a certain mindset when it comes to careers and majors. What you study, supposedly, predetermines where you’ll end up working as an adult. Want to work… Continue reading

Fast Food

By Erik Messerschmidt ⧓ To my everlasting disappointment, the title of this post doesn’t cleverly describe how I rapidly brainstormed last-minute, world-rocking ads for a food client, saved the day, and rode off… Continue reading

Being Persistent Matters

By Jorge Jativa ♦ “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye, I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!” -The White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland It definitely… Continue reading

9 reasons I love my internship

By Yao Dong ♥ It’s been two and a half months since I started my internship at EMA, and I can’t wait to share how great and valuable the experience has been. Curious? Just scroll… Continue reading

The Weird Things You Will Learn as a PR Intern

By Samantha Ryan ♠ When I started at EMA, I expected to learn all about PR. Little did I know how much else I would learn. After the second week of my internship, I took… Continue reading

INTERNal Bloopers

By Lucas Watson ♦ Wow—did I really just do that? In case you’re wondering what that is, I’ll give you three examples of mistakes every intern has made at least once: Sending an email… Continue reading

EMA the Matchmaker

By Maria Burgio ♦ No, this isn’t a romantic story about how I met my future husband at Eric Mower + Associates. This is, however, a story of how EMA reacquainted me with my… Continue reading

Tricks of the Trade

By Cassandra Ehioghiren ◊ On the day of the interview for an internship at EMA, my interviewer told me, “businesses now look at internships as the interview for a real job.” Boom! That’s when… Continue reading

Agency Life is the Life for Me

By Laura Andrade π Like most people of my generation, I’ve always considered myself good at multitasking. When I interviewed with Eric Mower + Associates, I shared that as one of my strengths thinking… Continue reading

The View

By Julia Sutherland ♥ Inspire. That’s a good word. Merriam-Webster defines inspire as, “To fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” What inspires you?… Continue reading


By Corbin Peters ♣ I heard it for the first time on the first day of my internship at Eric Mower + Associates. My supervisor just finished up introducing me to the Charlotte office, gave… Continue reading

What is PR?

By Juliet Maloff ♦ Have you ever been asked this question: “Oh you do PR, what’s that?” I’ve had my fair share of questioning from family members, friends and teachers and always had a… Continue reading

You Can’t Put a Price on Experience

By Josh Koopman ✐ For three summers, I have done what any normal college kid has done: clock in long, grueling hours at a job so uninteresting and so uninspiring, it makes that… Continue reading

Are you a Viner?

By Sarah Richheimer § Well, as a research project from EMA, I was told to learn about Vine and how it is influencing the business world. I had to compose a memo to share with… Continue reading

Brilliance, Creativity, and a Smile: A Recipe for Success in PR.

By Hannah Mosher ♠ The thing I love most about public relations is its unpredictable nature. Unlike many other professions, PR allows you to explore new ways of thinking and creating every day—and… Continue reading

Slick Transformation

By Hannah Piekiel ❖ In all honesty, when I applied for an internship at EMA, I didn’t have high hopes. Not that I didn’t think I was good enough to work at the area’s… Continue reading